• Are you ready to express unspoken emotions through the power of music?
  • Do you have a strong interest in music or a background in music and want to use music and creative arts as a healing modality?

Music therapy can help you.  Using music as a therapeutic tool, it has the power to reach deep into the psyche to touch those places within us that cannot be expressed in words. Those places are waiting to be healed.

Music is a flexible, adaptable, and powerful means of expression, especially for the expression of feelings and emotions that are causing the pain and preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

Individual and group sessions will utilize music therapy techniques such as lyric analysis, song writing, improvisation, drumming, journal writing, spirituality, expressive movement, toning, chanting, group processing and other creative art therapy interventions.

The strength of music therapy is in the client-therapist relationship that is based on trust and honesty.

The music therapist will use whatever approaches and techniques to help a person and will draw upon spirituality for transcendence of the client's limiting perception of self.

Mental Health

Addictions Recovery


Relationships/Social Issues

Emotional Issues



The power of music is drawing you back to your wholeness.

Music Therapy and Mental Health

​Cathleen Gempeler MT-BC

Music For Healing LLC