​Cathleen Gempeler MT-BC

Music For Healing LLC 

Benefits of Singing from Memory and Drumming

  • Studies show that despite the progression of Alzheimer's disease,
    the music memory remains intact giving those people with the
    ​disease a quality of life through music.
  • Singing lights up the entire brain through the elements of pitch, rhythm, and melody. 
  • Singing from memory assists in making the person more alert and awake, increases appetite, gets oxygen to the brain and they become alive and engaged in life.
  • Singing improves mood and reduces behaviors with increased self-esteem, confidence and a strong sense of belonging.
  • Drumming is an excellent activity for seniors of all abilities as they love the rhythmic expression.
  • Rhythm is innate in our bodies and drumming enhances the immune system making one healthier.
  • Drumming in a group increases the production of the natural cancer-killing T-cells!
  • Drumming is a recreational, active music-making activity for health and wellness.

A Memory Care Family Night event is one hour to give family members and their loved ones an opportunity to learn how music therapy benefits those with dementia and Alzheimer's. Everyone is invited to participate in active music-making that includes singing familiar songs and a drum circle.     

To schedule a Memory Care Family Night contact Cathleen today (952) 567-9117

Memory Care

"Photo courtesy of Amy Mihelich at the Sun This Week"