What to Expect

Feedback from clients receiving DBT and Music Therapy:

'Learning the DBT skills using music is very helpful as it is very effective in getting one out of being solely in your head and into your body'.

'Music is a very powerful expression of our highest and best and it is transformational'.

'Putting my own words into a song helped me to remember the skill more effectively'.

Meet Cathleen   
Music Therapist-Board Certified

A friendly greeting.

Music Therapy services delivered with enthusiasm, smiles, joy and love.


Genuine concern.

Honoring and activating the music spirit in every person!


Professional Service.

With respect and dignity for each person, music will empower and enliven them to reach new heights of expression, awareness, and fun.  

DBT and Music Therapy provided at:

Hazelden Betty Ford Intensive Outpatient Addictions Treatment center in St. Paul, MN

What I want you to know about me is that I am absolutely passionate about my work!  My passion is helping people of all ages to get through the pain that they feel now so that suffering is no longer an option.

Cathleen knows how long it takes to heal from trauma as it has taken years to heal and be able now to help others get beyond their woundedness. 

Trauma-informed and person-centered approaches are used to create a safe space to ensure the trust in building a therapeutic relationship between client and therapist.

At the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, WI I earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Therapy.  For 24 years now I have carried the torch of love for music therapy. It is my life calling, my passion and my purpose in life.

​Cathleen Gempeler MT-BC

​​​Music For Healing LLC