​Cathleen Gempeler MT-BC

Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming

"Photo courtesy of Amy Mihelich at the Sun This Week"

Health Rhythms Group Drumming Empowerment Program

Drumming is a recreational, active music-making program for health & wellness.

**This is an excellent program for employee wellness and staff retention reducing the cost of turn-over.**

  • Drum therapy is evidence-based showing that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain synchronizes the left and right cerebral hemispheres.  
  • All people actively engaged in drumming and rhythmic expression experience a boost in their immune system, relief from chronic pain and improved mobility and motor skills.
  • Drumming produces feelings of well-being, provides stress relief and makes you happy because you are making your own music. 
  • Participation in a drum circle encourages expressive fun, brings new social connections, and builds community. 
  • Drumming increases the body's production of the natrual cancer-killing T-cells for a healthier you!
  • Drumming is adaptable for people of all ages and of all life situations. 
  • Participation in a drum circle decreases anxiety, depression and social isolation.
  • Our bodies are a vast network of rhythmic systems and drumming tunes our biology.

Testimonials from drummers:

"Felt great being part of a group and feeling my voice, felt empowered, calm, action-oriented, and reminded me that I have the ability to manage my emotions and responses"

"Drum therapy is very grounding and in the moment. Great for stress relief"

"Deepened my friendship with people through rhythmic expression"


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